4 Myths about conducting Webinars

4 Myths about conducting Webinars

As we’re moving forward in circumstances of dilemma every single day since the crisis periods are not ending, it’s quite uncertain when we’ll go back to meeting people in events again. And in regard to that, webinars have become super popular.

Here are a few misconceptions that lie about conducting webinars:

A Webinar? I can do it by myself.

Unless you’re equipped with the technical knowledge, you can’t pull it off on your own. You need a support team of at least one person who will help you with the technical sides who can coordinate the webinars during your performance.

Speaking online is easy!

You won’t be able to conduct your webinar the same way you would offline. During a webinar, you do not get to experience the audience upfront, and the audience barely sees you. You can’t feel the connection or do the things you would do offline (making eye contact, using gestures, etc.). You only have a PC screen and a webcam to work with. So prepare yourself enough, starting from rehearsal videos to network testing.

Appearances don’t matter

Though you’re not in front of your audience, they’re still listening to you and watching you. From the proper costume to an appropriate hairstyle, make sure your dress up is fine. Keep your surroundings noise free.

Talking is all I have to do

Just talking in a webinar isn’t enough; you need to interact with your audience properly. Interacting with your audience is very vital. Ask for feedback as you talk, throw in jokes, tell stories from personal experience – keep up the interest.

Of course, there are more guidelines that one should follow to conduct a webinar with perfection, but let’s get started with these.

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