Harry Rosen – I love you Dad

Harry Rosen – I love you Dad

Harry Rosen: I love you Dad!

In regard to the unanticipated demand for their locally manufactured masks, Canadian luxury brand Harry Rosen is now presenting deserving Fathers with a limited-edition matching gift set.

Trinh Tham, CMO of Harry Rosen explains what led to the Father’s Day gift set, “It all started with our swift relief effort to help hospitals during Covid-19, but after an enthusiastic response from our customers, our non-medical face masks are now available online. Father’s Day marks the perfect occasion for us to promote fashion that is both safe and stylish.”

This Father’s Day initiative, developed by Zulu Alpha Kilo, is a demonstration of ‘the new normal’ in Canadian culture. Founder and CCO Zak Mroueh added, “Harry Rosen went to bat for Canadians during the crisis, and we wanted to do something playful for Father’s Day. This digital advertisement was created by Zulu Alpha Kilo.

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