Unilever to invest heavily in marketing

Unilever to invest heavily in marketing

Similar to several global marketers, Unilever saw opportunities of its business decimated by COVID 19-related closures in the first half of the year, as out-of-home restaurant sales, tourist hub sales and sales from similar venues slid 42% and food service fell by 56%, according to CEO Alan Jope.

“We’ve stopped out-of-home advertising. We’ve eased back advertising to people in severely locked down areas who were unable to shop,” Jope mentioned to the investors on the call. “But by contrast, our brands are communicating digitally with messages that are relevant for lockdown living, things like stay inspired, home barbecue seasons and the summer staycation messages that I’m sure many of you will be familiar with.”

Even if Unilever focuses more of its marketing on digital channels and e-commerce, the organization is in the midst of an advertising pause on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter in the U.S.

Source: Marketing Dive

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