How Brands responded to BINOD

How Brands responded to BINOD

The internet being a place with unbound weird trends that take no time to turn viral, the netizens got amazed once again with the latest meme trend – BINOD.

The Binod trend initiated through a person Binod Thakur and he has a YouTube account with no videos. He goes on YouTube and simply comments his name – Binod. A YouTube channel ‘Slayy Point’ made a video roasting YouTube comments until they came across the comment by Binod Thakur. The comment was simply – Binod; Yes, Binod Thakur just commented Binod. Ever since then, this story became viral and people began using the word ‘Binod’.

Here are a few brands which responded to this meme-ish trend.


The famous Pizza place Cheez posted a status on Facebook mentioning ‘Binod’. Yes, that’s it.


Image may contain: ‎text that says '‎Netflix India @NetflixIndia Some popular titles: Breaking Bad Into the Night Narcos Ozark Dark 11:44 AM. Aug 20 Twitter for Android 502 Retweets and comments 5,498 Likes ?ہ Abhishek Anand @Abhi_anand_08 1d Replying to @NetflixIndia You forgot Binod N Netflix India @NetflixIndia Maybey needo take closer look 714‎'‎


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Binod paytm @Paytm Done. Gabbbar @GabbbarSingh 55m @Paytm Can you change your name to Binod? Be a sport. C'mon. 고'


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Happihub Happihub Happihub 13hoursago· Do you know who is Binod? Binod and 74 others 白 Like Comment Comment Share Binod Binod min Like Reply'


Although the whole idea of this trend seems absurd to a lot of people, some of the brands were successful in communicating with their target group through this trend, don’t you think?

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