5 Reasons Why your email Marketing Strategy isn’t working yet

5 Reasons Why your email Marketing Strategy isn’t working yet

As the impact of COVID-19 is persuading us all to go for online marketing channels instead of outdoors, the number of email marketing campaigns is rising. From catching the interest of the recipients to making them engage, email marketing is a stimulating process as much as it is challenging. 

You might be a teacher trying to sell courses, an entrepreneur trying to sell a product, or even a writer trying to make someone read your blog; regardless of how different your email marketing strategy is, every email marketer has the same goal – to drive success out of the call-to-action.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the reasons why your email marketing isn’t clicking yet.

Your email isn’t mobile responsive

You never know which device your reader might read your emails from, as it depends on the circumstances of the recipient. If you simply assume that your recipients will always read your email from his/her computer, you might be wrong. And assuming that, if you choose a typeface that’s not mobile-friendly, a template that’s only compatible or aesthetic on the computer, you might disappoint the recipient. However you choose to design the email, try to ensure it’s responsive enough and adaptable to not just one device.

You’re a Shouting Salesperson

Imagine a brand only conveying messages that ask you to buy their product, nothing else. If your emails are all about asking your recipients to buy your product, that might not be a very good idea. Your emails should not be revolving around selling only, but also include much more, be it awareness about your product, stories about your organization, and the list goes on. Don’t only send emails when you want them to buy. 

Your Call-to-Action isn’t clear enough

Whatever call-to-action you expect your recipient to take, the button or the link should be provided in a way that it doesn’t take the reader tough to find, or difficult to understand what he/she is expected to do after reading that email.

Your Subject Line isn’t Attractive 

Your recipient might not even click on the email and read it properly if the subject isn’t interesting enough. Don’t make it long or too short, just think of that one line that would be enough to steal your recipient’s attention.

Your Subject Line doesn’t match with your Content

Don’t mislead your readers. Even if you steal their attention with the subject line, make sure you live up to it with the email body. Let me give you an example. I once came across this e-learning platform that sent me an email with the subject line mentioning that they are giving a 70% discount for everyone. After reading the entire email, I found out that they are only giving that discount for a second course, only if I’m paying the full price for the first course completely. Now, that was misleading, and I wouldn’t want to ever receive an email from them, would I?

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