Build your Organization’s Brand on Social Media through your Employees

Build your Organization’s Brand on Social Media through your Employees

Although social media accounts of brands are the best way to promote content to interact with the audience, drive revenue, and hire employees, doing that through accounts of employees is also another up to the scratch method. 

People are more likely to view and engage with content shared by a friend than a brand, and your employees could be that friend who can help sustain the brand of your organization. Let’s take a look at how one can do that.

Your employees can and do talk about your organization on social media, and they’re legally permitted to do so. 

Instead of being a dictator, you can set brand guidelines and policies and ask your employees to follow those, thus taking a more responsible approach.

Ensure that your employees know the purpose of your brand existing on social media. Is your brand there to recruit potential workers? Or is your brand existing to sell products?

So that your employees present your brand accurately, mention any trademark issues, or ensure they’re enlightened about your products and services.

Share a drive folder link with your employees consisting of brand assets like logos, how-to-guides, profile picture frames, and so on. 

Since the very start of every project/tenure, make it clear what’s okay and what’s not okay for sharing on social media. If your employees are about to shift to another organization, ask them to remove the brand elements of your organization to maintain professionalism.

Arrange meetings and training sessions to enlighten your employees about sharing anything on social media related to your organization.

Be it fifteen minutes, half an hour, or whatever time you feel is the best, give your employees social media hours. You can include those hours with lunchtime, or you can give social media hours on certain days. Instead of using social media with guilt, your employee will be motivated, and eventually, they’ll promote your brand on social media, so why not? 

Have a separate WhatsApp/Slack channel where you can share all social media content with employees so they immediately get notified once something is posted. They’ll be educated about the recent content, and it’ll drive them to share the content on social media.

In addition to all the things you can do to brand your organization on social media through employees, it’s equally important to monitor social media activities to guide them better and to build a strong brand on social media.

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