Excel: A funny yet unfortunate story about two brands

Excel: A funny yet unfortunate story about two brands

Back in 2019 around March, Surf Excel published a commercial on the occasion of Holi that caused a lot of controversy on social media.┬áThe TV advertisement was based on the theme of religious harmony. To everyone’s surprise, the advertisement received a lot of hate from some people on social media for allegedly hurting religious sentiments, although the message conveyed through the ad was appreciated by many.

In addition to complaining about the ad on Twitter, some people took expressing their frustration to the next level by putting negative reviews for the Surf Excel app on Google PlayStore. Shockingly, they mistook the Microsoft Excel application for the official Surf Excel app unknowingly. People ended up leaving negative reviews for Microsoft Excel app, with most of them asking Microsoft to take down the advertisement.

Although it’s unfortunate that the brand confusion took place, here are some hilarious comments that people left on Microsoft Excel app’s review page.

Photos collected from India Today

How did you take the ad? If you haven’t watched it, here it is.

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