Bangladesh Brand Summit 2020

Think Content, the platform where marketers tell stories, is organizing Bangladesh Brand Summit 2020 this 11th and 12th of December. From the most interesting panel discussions to astounding keynote sessions, they are aiming to create conversations about branding in this event.

Bangladesh Brand Summit has an astounding line-up of both local and global speakers across various industries. Keynote and panel discussions will include how impactful the digital transition is for brands, how media is shaping up the brands, the vital role of data in building big brands, and the list goes on. Entrepreneurs, trainers, marketers, and faculties in the field of marketing will share their insights.

To register, please follow the instructions below and fill up this form.

Before filling up the registration form, kindly complete the payment to attend two days of Bangladesh Brand Summit 2020. The basic ticket price is Tk. 200/=, with which you will receive the tickets to attend every session of Bangladesh Brand Summit 2020, along with e-certificates. The premium ticket price is Tk. 300/=, with which you will receive every recorded session, along with attending the sessions live, and also, e-certificates. Complete your registration by first paying the ticket fee, and then signing up for this form.

Bkash Number for payment: +880 1714-741176

To look at the agenda, click here.

For any queries or assistance, please email:

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