“Loyalty is a niche in this era” – Monsurul Aziz

“Loyalty is a niche in this era” – Monsurul Aziz

Monsurul Aziz, a marketer, shared some interesting insights during Bangladesh Brand Summit 2020, the flagship event of Think Content.

“I think that the impact of COVID-19 is not just for the moment when we were all quarantined strictly, but this impact will stay and affect a generation. Just like world wars took place, but it had an effect on several generations, for years, the pandemic is affecting and will continue to affect different brands for the next few years.” As a brand marketer, he suggested to perceive that consumer behavior, buying techniques and other things will be impacted.

Monsurul Aziz is currently working in the fintech arena. He mentioned about how consumer wants are more immediate nowadays.

“Loyalty is slowly decreasing nowadays. Brands are becoming more democratized. Anyone can comment on the same post, different people from the same company are using the same phone, regardless of the hierarchy. The loyalty factor is a niche in this era, now that customers have instant needs and brands give them the power to fulfill their demands.” added Monsurul Aziz.

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